About Us

VIKAS STOVE  was incorporated in 1990 and today, within a span of 25 years, the company is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of kerosene Wick stove under the brand name of VIKAS. we have also intoduced wide range of non-stick utensils and hard anodised products.

On the basis of accumulated experience, technology adopted by us and with the help of Ultra Equipped Quality Control Department, a dedicated workforce of 180 people, we efficiently produce our stoves and home appliances with high dimensional accuracy and quality without compromise - both for domestic as well as international market.


Domestic Market       

Through a strong network of more than 350 dealers our products are available in various states of India like gujart, maharashtra, madhya pradesh, rajasthan, chatisgarh, tamil nadu, andhra pradesh, telangana, kerela, orrisa, assam

International Market

our products is also available in various countries like:
Sri-Lanka, Kenya,
Uganda, Tanzania,
UAE, Nigeria,
Bangladesh, Jordan,
Libya, Iran,
Iraq, Syria.
Blossom kitchenware pvt ltd is a company dedicted to achieveing growth with the discipline of fair business practices, non-compromising quality and strict adherence to Government Laws. The fundamental strength of a company lies in its workforce and company thrives on the asset of dedicated individual with a singular approach to achieve nothing but the best. It has earned a place on the ISI panel the quality monitoring organization owned by the Government of India.